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bridge continues to be shut down at this hour. >> the federal government is closed tomorrow as well as state government except for central employees. the people you're looking at right now, these are the essential employees working to keep you safe. >> again, we are going to be continuing through the night to watch and wait on sandy that's approaching. new york is getting pummeled. they already closed the holland tunnel. subway service has been shut down. no trading on the stock market. again, we're online at we're asking for your wick churrs and -- pictures and pix. we have rosie up north. >> joce sterman at bwi. the staging area for the power crews come from all over. the situation has gotten so dangerous that they were talking about relocating. >> if they can get a picture of the draw bridge at 50 on the chart on maryland web. that's the live traffic cameras. if we can get a shot of that, you can see the waves coming up from ocean city. it's incredible. we're going to work on that. we're working on waiting on the governor. let's go over to mike masco and meteorologi
and provide help. while many were on standby, it never came. many local governments responded sending manpower and equipment to the western edge of our state and north to jercy. all in all maryland has provided 33 pieces of emergency -- 30 pieces of emergency pieces. >> we were prepared both internally and with external assets to be prepared for a direct hit. the blessing is we did not receive that. now we're able to use some of our oin resources to support other states and parts of hour community in western maryland. >> howard, talbot along with washington city are among those sending aid. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> there are some stories of loss coming out of new jersey and new york in the wake of superstorm sandy, but one terrible story grabbed everyone's attention a mother and her two toddlers were stranded in a staten island neighborhood after the suv got stuck. the mom said she was holding on for dear life and knocked on a house pleading to be let. she was turned away add her sons were washed away. the bodies were found a quarter mile away. they questioned a man in the home where the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2